Privacy Policy

1. Activity Tracking: The EIRWORKS.COM Site does not use tracking or similar technologies to track visitor activity. No information is collected about the user, such as IP address, browsing history or user preferences.

2. Use of Personal Data: The EIRWORKS.COM Site does not solicit or collect any personal data from visitors. There are no forms to fill out or features that ask users to enter personal information.

3. Collaboration with Third Parties: The EIRWORKS.COM Site does not collaborate with third parties to provide advertisements or other features that may collect information about visitors.

4. Security: While there is no collection of personal information, security remains a priority. The EIRWORKS.COM Site uses reasonable measures to protect data from unauthorized access or unauthorized use.

5. External Links: The EIRWORKS.COM Site may include links to external sites. This privacy policy applies only to the EIRWORKS.COM website and we encourage visitors to read the privacy policies of external sites before sharing personal information with them.

Please note that this privacy policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in privacy practices or laws. The latest revision will be notified on this page.

Last updated: 30-06-2023